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Understanding your customer’s experience is a fundamental aspect of business growth.

customer satisfaction survey template240Assessing your customer needs and expectations is part of managing customer satisfaction.  There are several ways to obtain customer feedback – focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys and text analytics.  But the main goal of a customer comment card process is to capture the customer experience when it is fresh in the customer’s mind.

A customer comment card should be brief, to the point and focus on those things that are most important to a customer experience.

The goal is to encourage customers to take the time to fill out the form without asking them to make a huge time commitment to the process.  So the fewer questions you can ask to receive the information you’re looking for is better.

 Possible questions to ask:

This is merely a survey card template that can be formatted on any word-processing software to customize for your organization.  When customizing, insert specifics about your organization, i.e. are you a dry cleaner, restaurant or auto repair shop? For fun add your logo and a special font that represents your organization. Keep comment card questions brief to encourage participation. Comment cards should be anonymous to protect the anonymity of the person completing the comment card unless the customer wants someone to contact them.  Provide a stamped return address on the back of the card so they can easily mail the card back.

If you need help formatting or customizing your card, go to Elance to find affordable help designing your comment card.

Other thoughts:

  • Customer comment cards should be easily accessed by the customer.  Some common places comment cards are available are in waiting areas, on dining tables, business lobby or anywhere that a customer would naturally visit.
  • Have a comment card box close to where the cards are displayed for easy card returns.
  • When comment cards are in public areas, you can expect to get some cards returned that may not represent someone’s true thoughts, but may be a practical joke.  These can be easily identified.
  • Make sure you check your comment card boxes on a regular basis, ideally daily, so you have time for service recovery if needed.
  • Valid issues should be addressed immediately.
  • Create a database to track your comments so you can watch for trends over time that could identify a systemic issue.
  • Incorporate improvement opportunities into long-term strategy and  business goals.

Finally, this is one of many tools that should be considered when putting together a comprehensive customer service strategy.  Using all available tools can help ensure you are accurately hearing the voice-of-the-customer.

You can access a modifiable copy of this template here.

If you would like to learn more about customer satisfaction you might be interested in this book: Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, available on Amazon.

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  1. says

    This is a great idea. I recently switched my business over to a telephone answering system that also integrates something like this. It has been wonderful to get feedback directly from customers. Most dont seem to mind answering a few quick, simple questions to help maintain and improve their satisfaction. The services also help keep us better connected with our customers as well as our supply chain.

    • says

      Hi. You can have the customer comment cards printed with prepaid postage on them. It is a good idea and would definitely increase the response rate. Thanks for the question!

  2. says

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  3. says

    I agree with this… “Understanding your customer’s experience is a fundamental aspect of business growth. Assessing your customer needs and expectations is part of managing customer satisfaction.” This is spot on!

    The challenge I have is with comment cards. They are at best futile. They are rarely filled out by the average guest and if the right question(s) is not used the data has little or no value.

    People need to see that comment cards are not a very good solution for customer feedback.

    • says

      Thanks for the comment! I agree that comment cards needs to ask the right questions, and the best way to find out what questions to ask is to find out what is important to the customer. One way to do that is through customer focus groups. Also customer comment cards are merely one tool to use in an overall customer service strategy. Thanks for commenting!

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  5. Jen says

    Thanks I have been researching evaluation tool for customer needs and expectations for the past week or so and I stumbled across this today. Thank you for all the work put in to make this a truly helpful and efficient site.

    I was able to complete my project without further research.


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