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by on July 9, 2010

Keeping track of employee vacation and sick hours can be a laborious task. Having a good tracking system can help with this. Organizational policy should include a requirement for employees to request to take time off. Giving the organization sufficient notice of paid time off can help prepare the organization to find adequate coverage for the person taking off.

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Example Vacation Request Form
ABC Trucking
Paid Time-off Request Form

Date: ___________________   Employee Name: _____________
Department: ______________

□ Birthday Holiday                                     □ Bereavement

□ PTO □ planned □ unplanned               □ EIB (extended Illness Bank)

Dates Requested: ___________
# of Days: ________________      # of Hours: ________________
Return Date: ______________

Employee Signature: _____________         Date: _______________
Supervisor Signature: ____________          Date: _______________
HR Approval of Available Hours: ____         Date: _______________

HR Use Only:
PTO Hours Accrued: ________                        PTO Hours Used: __________
PTO Hours Available: _______

To keep track of hours used, create an excel spreadsheet that calculates as hours are added or subtracted from the bank. Keep one tab for each employee and keep a new file for each calendar year. For example:


Pay Period: ______
Hours Worked: ______
PTO Earned: ______
PTO Used: ______
Available PTO Hours: ______

Setting up a system is key to tracking employee PTO usage. These examples can be used in a Word document and an excel spreadsheet document.

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