Employee Satisfaction Survey Example

Having a good understanding of one of your core customer groups, your employees, is an important aspect of managing a business.  It is also critical to accomplishing corporate goals and ultimately achieving your business strategy.

There are many vendors who can help you develop and implement an employee satisfaction survey process.  This includes assessing the corporate culture, understanding employee needs and analyzing feedback.

Smaller organizations can start by creating a survey themselves just to get a feel for how employees perceive their work environment.  This can be done easily and quickly.  The following example will give you a great start but be sure to incorporate questions that are specific to your business environment.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Example

small business employee satisfaction

 Other thoughts:

  • A well thought out and clear communication of the “why” the survey is done is important.  Employees need to know the organization desires to create a positive employee experience.
  • Employees will only be as honest as they feel their anonymity is protected.
  • Offer incentives for employees to fill out the survey or make an event out of it.
  • Turn data gathered from the survey into an action plan for improvement
  • Communicate what was learned and what the organization plans to do to make improvements.
  • Train managers to not overreact to negative comments but to use them as a growth opportunity.
  • Make sure the plan is implemented by incorporating the improvement efforts into employee goals.
  • If nothing is done with the feedback, it is worse than if you had not asked the questions.
  • Be committed to making changes.
  • Google docs has a great FREE  option that can create electronic surveys that you can email to your employees to help maintain anonymity and confidentiality.  Check out this video to see how!

Lastly, true data analysis should be done by a professional to ensure proper interpretation.

This article was first published March 24, 2010.  Updated March 19, 2013.