Sample Employee Performance Goals

Providing a well structured performance management process is the most effective way to accomplish organizational goals.  This management of performance should be based on goals set at the organizational level and driven down throughout the organization.

Employee performance goals help employees see a straight line between what they are doing and how it affects the performance of the organization, it helps them understand how what they do makes a difference and affects the bottom line.

Let’s go through an example of an employee performance goal.

The first step is to make sure each of the goals are written as SMART goals which is – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  This is a way to test whether or not the goals can realistically be achieved.  Once a goal is written go back and ask the questions, is it specific? How will we measure it? Is it truly attainable?  Is it realistic?  Is the timing of it right?

Ok now let’s say that the organization has a goal of improving customer satisfaction by 5 points, pulling it from 82 to 87 by June 30, 20XX.  This is a goal that affects every department and every employee in the organization.

employee performance goalsNow let’s say that Linda is the manager over the customer call center and oversees 10 customer service representatives.  Linda’s job is to get the customer service reps involved in improving the customer experience which should be reflective in the customer satisfaction scores.

Let’s take the organizational goal of “improving customer satisfaction by 5 points” down to the department level.  Linda is aware of some of the issues that the call center is having from reviewing the customer satisfaction data.  The issues expressed by customers that her department has responsibility for are:

  • call wait times
  • rude employees
  • customer service reps who give out wrong information.

In this scenario, the call center department may then have three goals:

  1. Improve customer call wait times by 90 seconds.
  2. Reduce complaints about rude employees by 90%
  3. Reduce complaints about wrong information by 90%

In order to improve customer satisfaction scores, there are some things Linda will need to do to improve the customer experience.  These action steps can be put into a goal document for accountability.

empl perf goal 75

 Linda’s supervisor will use this goal document to assess Linda’s performance and include successful completion of these goals in her annual performance appraisal.  This is one of many steps in a structured performance management process that contributes to an organization achieving organizational objectives.

Does your organization write performance goals?

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photo by:  Steve’s photos