Administrative Assistant Performance Goals Examples

Administrative assistants are of the most valuable of all employees because they are the doers, the ones who get things done and can be instrumental in helping the organization achieve its objectives.

This of course is if they have a good understanding of what is expected of them and written employee goals to help them prioritize daily work tasks.

Someone recently asked me to provide some examples of administrative assistant performance goals.   My first question to them is what kind of goals does his/her manager have and how can the admin help their manager achieve departmental goals?

I am a firm believer that the only way for any organization to achieve its mission and corporate objectives is to articulate and write business goals and to monitor their completion through a structured performance management process.

AA Goals 240Writing administrative assistant SMART goals requires determining the necessary action steps, as well as, identifying a person who has responsibility for completing them.

For example, let’s say the admin works for the manager over the purchasing department and the manager has a goal to reduce supply costs.

The manager could solicit help from her administrative assistant to do the research and audit departmental spending. So it might look like this:

Purchasing Department Goal: Reduce purchasing supply costs by 10%.

The purchasing department spends an average of $1000 per month on supplies and they need to cut out $100 (10% of $1000) per month in costs.

Sample Administrative Assistant Goal: Reduce purchasing supply costs by 10%.

What this might look like in a goal document:

Example #2

The administrative assistant works for the manager of human resources.

Human Resources Goal: Maintain 100% I-9 Form compliance.

There are 75 active employee files and the admin needs to make sure each of those files has a completed I-9 form.

Example HR Administrative Assistant Goal: Ensure 100% of HR files have completed I-9 forms.

This goal document might look like this:

Employee goals are important because they support the goals of individual departments which should line up with the implementation of business strategy.

The beauty of flowing goal responsibility throughout the organization is that it gives every employee an opportunity to participate in the process. This responsibility helps employees understand how what they do on a day-to-day basis affects the ability of the organization to achieve corporate objectives.

Employees who are given clear goals, and understand what is expected of them, are better prepared to perform at desired levels.

Consistent communication with employees is the best way to keep employees engaged.

Administrative assistants, in particular, are vital to an organization’s success.  It is a good use of time to write goals for them and use them to help the organization achieve business strategy.

Do your administrative assistants have goals?

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